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International cooperation and eu

Republic of Croatia is a member of several important regional fisheries management organizations. The most prominent among them are the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) and the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). In addition to these two, Republic of Croatia is also a member of the  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN), European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission) as well as the international organization in fisheries EUROFISH.
GFCM and ICCAT are regional fisheries management organizations that have a mandate to adopt obligatory and binding regulations and recommendations, and the task of their members is to transpose and implement these instruments in national legal framework. Both organizations hold their annual plenary meetings where the decisions are being adopted.
Republic of Croatia has finalized the accession negotiations with the European Union. The negotiation process involved first and foremost the manner of harmonization of national legal framework with the provisions of the acquis. In the framework of the negotiations, certain transitional periods for certain specific elements of Croatian fishery have been granted to Republic of Croatia. In addition, Republic of Croatia has been granted the possibility of higher co-financing rate from the European Fisheries Fund for some of its outer islands.
Common fisheries policy of the EU comprises a wide range of legal instruments which in general cover five large areas – fleet and resource management, market organization, structural measures, state aids, inspection and control and international relationships. The basic regulation of the Common Fisheries Policy is the Council Regulation (EC) 2371/2002 on the conservation and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources under the Common Fisheries Policy.  This Regulation is currently being revised, and a new framework shall be presented by the European Commission during the summer of 2011. Based on this Regulation, a range of other instruments has been adopted, governing different issues. The most important ones are Council Regulation (EC) No 104/2000 on the common organization of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products, Council Regulation (EC) No 1198/2006 on the European Fisheries Fund and the Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy. This framework package governs the most important issues. In addition to these regulations, the most important instrument for Republic of Croatia is the Mediterranean Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) No 1967/2006 concerning management measures for the sustainable exploitation of fishery resources in the Mediterranean Sea) This regulation governs different technical measures and gear restrictions applicable in the Mediterranean Sea.
On these pages you will be able to obtain all the information on the European regulations forming the common fisheries policy of the EU, as well as on activities of Republic of Croatia related to the process of formulation and development of future policy. Furthermore, these pages will provide all relevant information on international obligations of Republic of Croatia in the area of fisheries.