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Licenses for recreational fisheries at sea

In accordance with the Law on Sea Fishing, the annual license for recreational fishing is issued in the period from 1 December to 1 March. Special licenses for traps, harpoons, bottom set longlines and the use of artificial lighting can be purchased only if annual recreational license is obtained.

Fishing with the speargun is not allowed with a recreational fisheries license.

Conversion rate is 1 EUR = 7,5345 HRK

Select the license you wish to buy:
Recreational fisheries at sea license
valid for one (1) day7,96 €
valid for three (3) days19,91 €
Valid for seven (7) days39,82 €

Licenses for 150 days:
for minors13,27 €
for adults up to 65 years of age99,54 €
for people over 65 years of age13,27 €
persons over 65 years of age with residence on islands and Pelješac penisnulano fee

Special licenses for:
fishing with bottom set longlines26,54 €
fishing with traps for fish26,54 €
fishing using harpoons13,27 €
fishing using artificial lights13,27 €

Valid from (date): Valid to (date):

Personal information:

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Date of birth*:
Permit owner PIN*:
Passport or ID number*:
Fishing zone*:
Please indicate the most used fishing mode:*
Please indicate the most used fishing gear:*
 The questions are of an informative character, for the purpose of statistics, and do not oblige the license holder to carry out a certain method of fishing or use a certain fishing gear.
ZIP code*:
Phone no:

By purchasing this permit, I agree to be contacted for purposes of statistics in recreational and sports fisheries.
Under material and penal responsibilities, I hereby confirm that all the above information are correct and true. In case the information stated above are not correct and true, the license is considered not valid and hence the fisheries conducted considered as if conducted without a license.

IMPORTANT! Please be informed that information entered into Personal data form in the web-shop for recreational licenses must be identical to the information in the ID or the passport of the recreational fishermen who will be using the license, since the license is considered valid only with the ID or the passport. These information do not have to be identical to the information related to card payment.

After successful purchase, confirmation letter is automatically sent to provided e-mail address.