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Freshwater sports fisheries-angling in Croatia

 Freshwater sports fisheries (angling) in Croatia, as well as freshwater commercial fisheries and freshwater aquaculture,  is regulated by the Freshwater Fisheries Law (Croatian Official Papers - „Narodne novine“, No. 106/2001, 7/2003, 174/2004, 10/2005, 49/2005 and 14/2014), as well as the Freshwater Sports Fishing Act (Sub-law-„Narodne novine“, No. 82/2005, 1/2006, 139/2006, 52/2010, 4/2015, 34/2015, 50/2016 and 91/2016).
Anglers buy angling licenses valid for particular fishing area or fishing zone from owners of the fishing rights. These licenses are valid for the particular fishing zone and for some fishing zones of other nearby owners of the fishing right (if there are reciprocity contracts made).
There are 130 owners of the fishing right in Croatia, although there are cca. 450 sports fishing associations active.
Fishing licenses are issued by the Ministry of Agriculture through owners of the fishing right, with validation of:
  • one day (daily license),
  • one year (yearly license).
Daily license is valid 24 hours from the hour of purchasing on the date which is written in the license.
Yearly license is valid from 00,00 hours January the 1st untill 24,00 hours December the 31st in calender year written in the license.
Yearly license for Croatian and foreign female citizens age 15 and more, as well as Croatian and foreign citizens age 15 – 18, costs 200,00 kunas.
Yearly license for Croatian and foreign citizens age 19 and more, costs 400,00 kunas.
Yearly license for Croatian war invalides costs 400,00 kunas.
These prices for yearly licenses are valid for Croatian and foreign citizens who are members of the owners of the fishing right (Croatian Sports Fishing Association). The prices for those who don't want to be members of the owners (Croatian sports Fishing Association) are double (800,oo kunas instead of 400,00 kunas, and 400,00 kunas instead of 200,00 kunas).
Daily license for Croatian and foreign citizens costs:
  • 60,00 kunas for angling of all the fish species except salmonid species;
  • 150,00 kunas for angling of salmonid species;
  • 250,00 kunas for angling on fishing zone Otočac (river Gacka).
Owner of the fishing right sells yearly license to Croatian and foreign citizen on the base of fishing exam certificate. Foreign citizens have to show this certificate issued in their home country to the representative of the fishing right owner before buying the fishing license. If there is no such certificate, foreign angler have to pass this exam in Croatia.
Owner of the fishing right sells the daily license to Croatian and foreign citizens without fishing exam certificate.
Sports fishing-angling is allowed with most three (3) fishing rods with one hook, exceptionaly artificial bait which can have more than one hook, most two.
Sports fishing-angling on all the salmonid species is allowed with one fishing rod and one artificial fly or bait.
Angling of wels from the boat is allowed with one wels attractant (in Croatian: „buckalo“), one fishing rod or fishing lure with one hook.
Fishing rods and fishing gear must be under constant immediate attention of the angler.
Artificial bait can have most two hooks (single-hook, doublehook or threehook) with or without contra-hook.
Artificial bait-fly can have only one hook with or without contra-hook.
The size of the artificial bait for angling of huchen (Danube salmon) and marble trout could not be less than 18 cm.
WARNING: Except common fishing regulations mentioned above, every owner of the fishing right has it's own internal regulations (daily allowed catch in kilogrammes or pieces, night fishing, etc) based on verified fisheries management studies and yearly plans, as well as other internal financial regulations regarding membership.
To buy the fishing license and for all additional informations, anglers have to contact owners of the fishing right directly. The complete list of owners of the fishing right, their fishing zones, adresses and contact telephones/faxes/e-mail/web-sites, anglers can easily find on the Croatian Sports Fishing Association web site:
(Croatian Sports Fishing Association)
Trg Krešimira Ćosića 11
10000 Zagreb
Tel. +385-1-3091-137
We wish you good catch and nice angling vacations in Croatia !!!